Multi-service gateway

for decentralized SCADA systems

  • Multi-service gateway
    Multi-service gateway

The 4-slot VPort 704 industrial multi-service gateway by Moxa is allows the construction of decentralized SCADA systems for seamless communications at field sites and between the field site and control center in wide-area distributed applications such as oil and gas, pipeline, and trackside monitoring. The 4-slot gateway interfaces with various communication modules to collect and transform all serial I/O, video, and other types of data into Ethernet packets for fast and reliable transmission over IP networks.

The modular gateway accepts any combination of VPM-7000 series communication modules to form a custom-tailored network solution. Available modules include an IP video encoder (VPM-7304), a serial-to-Ethernet module (VPM-7704), and other modules that expand the functionality and flexibility of the VPort 704.

With three Gigabit and three 10/100 Mbps ports built-in, the VPort 704 gateway supports port redundancy and Turbo Ring faster network fault recovery to guarantee gigabit network performance. The high volume and high speed performance makes it suitable for IP surveillance as well as the other large scale distributed applications.