detects Carbon Monoxide

  • NDIR-Sensor

The smartMODUL-FLOW from smartGAS Mikrosensorik is now available for the detection of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in concentrations between 0 an 2,000ppm. The inodorous gas is toxic and can be fatal in higher concentrations; the TLV in industrial environments is 30ppm.

CO can be formed in various processes for example during incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. Monitoring of CO in exhaust systems gives information about the process and can be used for optimisation of the combustion process. The electro-chemical sensors, which are often used in this kind of applications, have various disadvantages. Besides the aging of these sensors, a concentration of CO above a certain limit can eventually destroy the electro-chemical sensor.

The smartMODUL CO sensor utilises infrared (NDIR) absorption and therefore doesn´t have this disadvantage. The sensor works very stable and needs nearly no maintenance or additional calibrations resulting in lower operating costs. An additional optical filter can reduce the influence of CO2. The OEM sensor is available with many standard interfaces like Modbus ASCII with RS485, UART or 4…20mA enabling an easy integration into existing control architectures.