New Variety of Motorized Actuators

Expanded valve selection offers more alternatives for plant engineers

  • New Variety of Motorized Actuators
    New Variety of Motorized Actuators

In addition to the GEMÜ R629 eSyLite plastic diaphragm valve that already exists, the GEMÜ 629 diaphragm valve with stainless steel body and the GEMÜ 519 and 529 globe valves are now also available for simple, motorized open/close applications. 

A total of four GEMÜ eSyLite valves now offers plant engineers and operators the opportunity of operating electrically driven plants more efficiently than before. In plants in which, for example, solenoid valves of large nominal sizes consume a relatively large amount of electricity, the GEMÜ globe valves from the eSyLite series are a cost-effective alternative. With low switching cycles and medium switching speed, they take on shut-off tasks just as precisely as solenoid valves, while at the same time scoring points when it comes to operating costs with their low electricity consumption. 

Reasonably prized alternatives

The GEMÜ eSyLite series also opens up new opportunities for plant optimization for applications where there have so far been no affordably priced alternatives to electrical ball valves. Automation with the new eSyLite valves, for example, can thus be further advanced. Where pneumatic valves could not previously be used, and manual valves were relied on instead, a motorized alternative is now available with which the plant can be automated cost-effectively.

The new valves complete the GEMÜ eSyLite series. The robust and self-locking motorized linear actuator has a safety switch-off function including overload protection. A manual override and an optical position indicator are integrated as standard. The valves are optionally available with the GEMÜ eSyLite actuator, with the GEMÜ 1215 electrical position indicator or with an integrated emergency power supply module