Pinch Solenoid Valves

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With new thermoplastic material of the valve bodies

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Pinch Solenoid Valves
Pinch Solenoid Valves

The operating principle of Sirai pinch solenoid valves is different from the one of all the other types of valves. The pinching device, activated by an electromagnetic actuator, control the fluid by pinching or releasing a tubing in soft silicon (or other compatible material). The pinch solenoid valves can control all the fluids that are compatible with the tubing material, protecting them from contamination, including temperature changes. Now the range is expanding with the new PINCH_K series models, mainly designed for the control of food fluids.

These models differ from the previous ones in terms of the new thermoplastic material of the valve bodies and the mounting clamp. Furthermore, the possibility of rotating the clamp at 45° intervals guarantees an optimum mounting in every condition. Available in 2/2 or 3/2 versions, normally closed or open, the new models can be ideal used in the vending and professional coffee machines sectors, as well as in the beverage distribution.

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