Steel Mill's Compressors Revived to Enhance Sustainability

Before purchasing something new, it is worthwhile to take a look at the stock and think about possible reuse and upgrading, as this example shows.

  • Steel Mill's Compressors Revived to Enhance Sustainability
    Steel Mill's Compressors Revived to Enhance Sustainability

Burckhardt Compression, a pioneer in compression solutions, recently partnered with one of Europe's leading steelmaking mills undergoing a significant transformation. The mill aimed to convert one of its plants into a sustainable facility in compliance with stringent environmental guidelines. The project's critical aspect involved reviving four non-Burckhardt compressors that had been inactive for a decade. Acknowledging the crucial role of the compressors, the mill sought for expertise.

Addressing the challenges posed by the steel mill’s transformation, Burckhardt Compression offered a comprehensive range of services, from major inspection and revamping to supplying necessary spare parts. Its efforts didn't stop at the compressors. The expert team from Burckhardt Compression also revamped auxiliary equipment such as motors and coolers. Its commitment to delivering a turnkey solution within a tight schedule and budget demonstrates its leadership in the realm of compressor technology. The task at hand required expert knowledge and precise execution within a tight schedule and budget. Alongside the overhaul of the compressors, auxiliary equipment such as motors and coolers also needed an upgrade. A fullservice solution was required, and Burckhardt Compression was well-positioned to deliver.

Mision: reliable operation

The company’s expert team dived into the project, conducting a major inspection, revamp, and upgrade of all four compressors. It inspected the electrical motors and refurbished the lube oil coolers. The team also updated the instrumentation, performed calculations for increasing discharge pressure, and supplied necessary spare parts. The project's success was due to the broad expertise of Burckhardt Compression’s team and the company's ability to provide comprehensive, customized solutions. Despite the challenging nature of the project, Burckhardt Compression maintained its commitment to quality and safety. The result was a set of revitalized compressors optimized for improved performance, ensuring their reliable operation.

The client acknowledged Burckhardt Compression's technical acumen, quick response to challenges, and commitment to safety. A spokesperson for the steel manufacturing facility stated, "Burckhardt Compression has been a crucial partner in our journey towards sustainable steelmaking. Its dedication and skill ensured our compressors were not only revived but also optimized for enhanced performance." The expertise and commitment to quality demonstrated by Burckhardt Compression continue to be a vital asset to its customers. As the steel mill transitions to greener operations, the company's revived and optimized compressors are set to play an integral role in its sustainable journey.