Polymer Signage Product for Industrial Facilities

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Easy to install signage for health and safety information

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Polymer Signage Product for Industrial Facilities
Polymer Signage Product for Industrial Facilities
Polymer Signage Product for Industrial Facilities
Polymer Signage Product for Industrial Facilities

Safety barrier manufacturer A-SAFE has expanded its range of workplace safety products with a new signage solution for heavy-duty industrial environments. Called the Sign Post, the new product is designed to support operational requirements by drawing attention to advisory, warning and instructional information within a facility. It is suitable for use as either a standalone product or to complement other safety infrastructure such as bollards or safety barriers. The Sign Post is available in black or safety yellow, to ensure maximum visibility for pedestrians or vehicle traffic in any industrial environment. It can be customised with a choice of ten universally recognised health and safety, directional and hygiene sign decals.

Reducing risks and giving direction with clear messages

The new Sign Post is quick and simple to install, yet it has the resilience to withstand impacts without the need for repairs or repainting. Engineered from MemaplexTM, a unique blend of polymers developed by A-SAFE, the Sign Post flexes upon impact, dissipating impact energy without causing damage to flooring surfaces. It is also wipe-clean and includes hygiene seals that prevent the ingress of dirt or water. The new product comes at a time when many essential equipment manufacturers, as well as warehouse, logistics and e-commerce operations are experiencing unprecedented demand for their products and services. It is in busy environments such as these, where effective, clear signage can play an essential role in reducing the risk of accidents. Furthermore, with many facilities enhancing hygiene and adapting to social distancing measures, the Sign Post can be used to direct personnel to handwash stations or remind them to keep at a safe distance from colleagues.

James Smith, Director and Co-owner of A-SAFE said, “Workplace safety and hygiene are always important; however, they have taken on additional significance in the current crisis. Signs are an effective way of reinforcing health and safety messages within the workplace, so it is important that they are easily seen by personnel. We have created the Sign Post to be quick to install and robust, but also to have the versatility to fulfil a wide range of signage and safety functions.”

Posted on April 22, 2020 - (565 views)
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