Portable data collectors and analyzers

with robust, high-speed data processors

  • Portable data collectors and analyzers
    Portable data collectors and analyzers

With more than a century of leadership in the design and manufacture of bearings, SKF's R&D Engineers have leveraged every bit of this expertise as they pioneered many of the world's leading condition monitoring tools and technologies. As such, SKF offers a wide variety of portable condition monitoring hardware.

The SKF Microlog series of analyzers and portable maintenance instruments is designed to enable a user to establish a comprehensive periodic condition monitoring programme. As a diagnostic tool, the SKF Microlog series is unequalled in its class.

With robust, high-speed data processors and optimum data storage capacity, SKF Microlog analyzers are equipped to operate within today's most advanced computerized maintenance management systems. Units are available with a range of individual modules and accessories for specific types of analysis required to meet a plant's monitoring needs.