Programmable RGBW LED Strip

Illumination and visualization of data and status with 19 Colors - also via IO-Link

  • Programmable RGBW LED Strip
    Programmable RGBW LED Strip

Turck is expanding its offering of the WLS27 Series Strip Light to include programmable models with RGBW LEDs for use in indication, illumination and inspection applications. Banner Engineering developed these new models with quality white light, sealed, chemical resistant housing, and a wide variety of colors and animation possibilities. The new WLS27 Pro comes in either IO-Link or discretely controlled Pro Editor compatible models. Banner’s Pro Editor software allows users to program device status, colors and animations for control via three discrete inputs.

Downtime reduction with IO-Link

The benefits of Pro Editor include color and animation options for more intuitive indication in the visual factory and advanced functions like distance, time and count without a controller. The IO-Link models allow for dynamic control—reacting to inputs from other devices—and have additional modes beyond what is available with the discrete models. IO-Link enables users to change device parameters from the control system as needed, such as during product changeover, which reduces downtime and allows machines to accommodate greater product diversity. 

High-quality whites

The bright, high-quality light output of the WLS27 Pro makes it an ideal solution for illumination. Its RGBW LEDs give clean, flicker-free white lit versus competitive models that create a mixed white from only RGB LEDs. The WLS27 Pro features a total of nineteen different shades, thirteen colors plus six whites. This work light can be programmed to bright white light for safety or efficiency during normal operation, and then change color to indicate other machine statuses, such as red for a stop condition. Additionally, advanced statuses allow the WLS27 Pro to indicate alarm states, show temperature, display position information, count for process verification, and display takt time.