Pyrometer for Industrial Automation Applications

Four temperature ranges available for use in demanding environments

  • Pyrometer for Industrial Automation Applications
    Pyrometer for Industrial Automation Applications

Process Sensors Corp.  introduces its newest fiber optic two-color pyrometer, Model PSC-GRF11N, for industrial automation and R&D applications. This digital ratio pyrometer series is designed for lower starting temperature measurements beginning at 300°C (572°F). Four temperature ranges are offered: 300 to 1100°C, 350 to 1300°C, 400 to 1600°C, and 500 to 2300°C. The Model PSC-GRF11N operates in ambient temperatures up to 250°C (482°F) and is immune to high magnetic frequencies encountered in manufacturing facilities. Independent of emissivity and spanning a wide range of demanding industrial applications including induction heating, heat treating, steel, composites, and ceramics, as well as semiconductor processes, the fast 5ms response time of the PSC-GRF11N is ideal for quick measurement processes. A selection of variable focus fiber optic lenses provides small spot sizes from 0.7mm in diameter.

Isolated interfaces

The non-contact infrared temperature sensor uses an integrated laser that provides precision aiming onto the center of the target. The linear temperature output signal of 4 to 20mA simplifies installation of the PSC-GRF11N into existing measurement and control systems. Each device is equipped with a galvanically isolated RS-485 Modbus RTU interface, allowing the setting of parameters and software evaluation in bus systems as well. PSC-GRF11N’s rugged and flexible stainless steel fiber optic cable and lens assembly facilitates operation in the most demanding environmental conditions. Its brightly colored on-board temperature display is easily viewed at a long distance, even in less-than-ideal conditions. All the sensor’s parameters are entered using push buttons and are displayed on the electronics housing. Using the operator friendly PSCSpot for Windows® software for IR sensor parameterization and software evaluation is done from a PC.

PSCSpot for Windows® software is standard and is provided for storage, processing, and evaluation of real time measured data. It provides extensive statistical analysis of data, export of measured data as test files and creates Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The software also provides an integrated report function with customized templates for Microsoft Word and an integrated calculator for easy calculation of optics parameters.