Right-Angle Valves for the Food Industry

Aseptic and hygienic valves for shut off and control

  • Aseptic right angle valve 6051
    Aseptic right angle valve 6051
  • Hygienic right angle valve 6052
    Hygienic right angle valve 6052

Stringent requirements are made on valves in the food processing sector. With the EHEDG-certified 6051 aseptic right-angle valve and the new 3A-compliant 6052 hygienic right angle valve Schubert & Salzer Control Systems offers high-precision control valves and reliable shut off valves for numerous processes in the food and beverage industry. Both sanitary valves can be executed as a shut off or control valve

Optimal flow behaviour 

Characteristic of the 6051 aseptic right angle valves and the new 6052 hygienic right angle valve, which is now 3A-compliant, is their outstanding ability to be cleaned for use in food manufacturing and in the beverage technology sector, e.g. in dairies. This enables, above all, an optimal flow behaviour and a valve body made of pore-free stainless steel bar stock material with minimal roughness. A PTFE-coated diaphragm separates the process chamber and the valve actuator and is also completely resistant to the high temperatures encountered in SIP or CIP processes.