Rotary Pressure Filters

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Rotary Pressure Filters
Rotary Pressure Filters

BHS-Sonthofen's offer varies from rotary pressure filters, to indexing belt and rubber belt filters, to candle and pressure plate filters. A great number of process steps occur during a single rotation of the rotary pressure filter drum, such as separating the suspension into filtrate and filter cake, single- or multi-stage cake washing, reslurrying, solvent exchange, steaming, extraction as well as mechanical and thermal cake dewatering. All of these process steps take place in separate, pressure-tight segment zones inside the filter. This also allows the cake to be discharged directly to the surrounding area at atmospheric pressure without the need for separate pressure compensation via pressure locks, for instance. In addition, it enables the precise drainage of filtrates in discrete zones.

Laboratory tests and pilot systems are decision-making tools

The filtration experts leave nothing to chance. To fully tap the customer’s efficiency potential, an extensive analysis of the existing processes is carried out at the start of every new project. Potential technological solutions are investigated in laboratory tests and pilot systems. It is only then that a final decision can be made and the appropriate machine can be installed. 

Rotary pressure filters from BHS: increased efficiency and significant productivity gains

In the pharmaceutical industry, the rotary pressure filter is currently being used in the production of antibiotics and medical contrast agents to great success. One antibiotics manufacturer reported a productivity increase of 150 percent thanks to a switch to continuous production and the use of a rotary pressure filter of type RPF P02, with a tangible reduction in active ingredient losses at the same time.

Pilot filters for determining plant engineering needs

BHS now presents the RPF P01, which is both small and compact, yet structurally identical version of the tried-and-tested rotary pressure filter. The identical design ensures that the settings are fully scalable to larger production filters at a later stage and thus facilitates the development of large-scale production systems for chemical and pharmaceutical applications or for the food industry. The system allows for optimizing each individual technical process. Moreover, the general operating principle of BHS rotary pressure filters results in an extremely low consumable requirement.

The range of applications for rotary pressure filters from BHS-Sonthofen includes intermediate plastic products, pharmaceutical products, paints, pigments and cellulose products. Single-batch production in pharmaceutical quality is made possible by supporting counter-current washing, displacement washing and closed-cycle washing during the filter cycle. However, rotary pressure filters can also be used in the production of spices, sugar substitutes and extraction processes in the food industry.

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