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    Rugged terminal

The LANpoint Power X comes standard with Windows CE 6.0 operating system running on an XScale 624MHz processor and memory that is expandable through an SD card. All terminals come equipped with hard-wired 10/100BaseT Ethernet.

The wireless 802.11b/g WiFi Ethernet option will also add Bluetooth connectivity for wireless add-ons (such as Auto-ID scanners, keyboards, RFID readers, etc.). Terminals also support Auto-ID devices through USB and Serial ports.

The digital I/O option provides eight input channels and eight output channels for access control and automated production counting. The open architecture system makes it easily programmable, with application development supported via Microsoft Visual Studio.

The device offers NEMA12 (IP54) drip-proof housing or optional NEMA4 (IP65) spray-down design. All terminals can operate in temperature ranges of -20 to 70° C.

The terminals are also solid-state design with no moving internal media or cooling fans. This is one of the largest points of failure for competitive devices, such as rugged tablets and industrial laptops and computers.