Sampling System for Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals

Versatile system with new dosing function

  • Sampling System for Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals
    Sampling System for Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals

With its Multiprobe sampling system, De Dietrich Process Systems has established a reputation in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals markets for safety and versatility, while continuing to adapt it to the needs of its customers.

Long-term experience

For several years now, Multiprobe, has been available from De Dietrich Process Systems. It is a simple solution for taking samples in complete safety which offers many advantages, including representative sampling directly at the heart of the reaction while the process is ongoing, as well as temperature and pH measurements and a baffling function. All this can be carried out even when the reactor is working under pressure or vacuum, without having to open the manhole, thereby ensuring operator safety.

The sample is thus perfectly representative of the product since it is taken from the heart of the reaction process. It undergoes no physical or chemical alteration during its transfer to the sample flask. In addition, the ability to take a truly representative sample without having to depressurize the reactor or without losing the inert atmosphere makes Multiprobe ideal for chemical and pharmaceutical processes where the risk of contamination is usually a problem during sampling.

A new dosing function

Now, in response to customer demand, De Dietrich Process Systems has introduced a new function in addition to those already mentioned: the injection of a reagent or catalyst into the heart of the reaction medium.

This function, designed and customized based on each customer's individual specifications, make it possible to safely inject a defined quantity of liquid product, even a small quantity (a few tens of grams) in a short time (a few seconds) into the heart of the chemical reaction. The system is designed to ensure that all the specified quantity reaches the reaction medium.

To confirm that the function performs as expected, De Dietrich Process Systems, is able to carry out tests on its test bench, with the exception of those involving certain toxic or dangerous products.

Thanks to its compact design, the Multiprobe is suitable for installation in either small or large reaction units and can fit easily into a congested peripheral environment. To perform all these functions, the system uses only one reactor nozzle. It also includes an exclusive cleaning function which rinses the entire sampling circuit with a suitable solvent