Screws and Nuts in Hygienic Design

In Stainless Steel with FDA-compliant elastomer sealing rings

  • Screws and Nuts in Hygienic Design
    Screws and Nuts in Hygienic Design

Hygienic cleanliness is not only an essential prerequisite in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Other areas of industry, such as the manufacturing of dispersion paint for use in construction, also profit from high hygiene standards. This often makes it possible to do without preservatives without compromising on the product lifespan. Production machines and their environment require thorough cleaning to achieve this. When using typical components, this means time-consuming and costly disassembly, long machine downtimes and massive consumption of water, cleaning agents and energy. Not so when using components of hygienic design: These are made of high-quality materials with particularly smooth surfaces, making them significantly easier to clean, especially while still installed. 

Meeting EHEDG requirements

To continue this approach, Ganter is now expanding its hygienic design product family with nuts and screws of Stainless Steel under the designation GN 1580 that optimally satisfy the high requirements of EHEDG. They are designed with special geometry and a surface roughness of < 0.8 µm, which causes liquids to quickly bead up and accelerates the drying process after cleaning. The standard design incorporates FDA-compliant elastomer sealing rings on the contact surface that are practically impossible to lose and situated cleanly centered within the machined cavity. When installed, they withstand the required compression without being overloaded. 
The sealing rings are available individually under the designation GN 7600 in a variety of dimensions and can also be supplied in other materials, upon request. They can therefore be used as replacement parts for the nuts and screws, while also enabling the hygienic fastening of additional parts without dead space.