Secure Industrial IoT Communication for Devices

Protected OPC UA and MQTT communication for EtherNet/IP and PROFINET

  • Secure Industrial IoT Communication for Devices
    Secure Industrial IoT Communication for Devices

The increased market demand for IIoT connectivity calls for next-level data security solutions to ensure that data from automation devices reach the cloud in a secure way. Full security is needed for the OPC UA or MQTT communication itself, as well as during file transfer and on web pages. The data must be encrypted, and the integrity of any given data system must be guaranteed to prevent data theft, tampering, or sabotage.

Complete embedded security  

Addressing this challenge, HMS releases a complete and ready-made embedded security product that enables fully secure communication from devices in the field to the cloud. The solution is called CompactCom IIoT Secure and features new powerful security hardware, secure boot, certificate management, encryption, as well as secure OPC UA and MQTT communication. The release focuses on CompactCom for EtherNet/IP and PROFINET with OPC UA and MQTT connectivity and includes the following main new software and hardware elements.

CompactCom software for secure IIoT    

Data sent to the cloud is encrypted, using secure OPC UA channels or to use encrypted traffic via MQTT over TLS. A secure boot functionality ensures usage of HMS firmware only, authentication is handled through advanced certificate management and secure access and file transfer over TLS using HTTPS and WebDAV.

New certified hardware prepared for security and industrial use 

A security chip ensures full product integrity and identity. The solution has been thoroughly tested from a cybersecurity point of view by HMS. Components comply with the applicable EMC and UL-standards same as all Anybus products. All in all, with the new Anybus CompactCom Secure IIoT products for EtherNet/IP and PROFINET by HMS Networks, CompactCom customers benefit from a fast path to secure IIoT communication without having to redesign their device.