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Belden announces an update to the EAGLE Tofino Industrial Security Solution to include "Security Profiles". Part of the EAGLE Tofino version 1.7 product release, this feature addresses the post-Stuxnet trend of a dramatic escalation in the number of public disclosures of industrial control system vulnerabilities.

Tofino Security Profiles provide a simple way for automation system vendors to create and securely distribute rule and protocol definitions to address newly disclosed vulnerabilities. Control system customers benefit from a single, easy to deploy package of tailored rules that can be installed without impacting operations. The result is that manufacturing facilities can defend themselves against new threats quickly and effectively.

Recently Schneider Electric utilized the EAGLE Tofino Security Profile feature to defend against publicly announced vulnerabilities in its Modicon PLC product line. By utilizing the EAGLE Tofino’s capabilities, they provided a method of defense for their customers that was immediately effective and that did not require any changes to automation equipment or network configurations.

Other improvements to the EAGLE Tofino product line in version 1.7 include:

Improved Event Logging – Installations with the EAGLE Tofino Event Logger are able to send security event information to a central syslog server from EAGLE Tofino Security Appliances that are IP address-free. This helps meets industry standards by continuously recording security events and provides the extra security of undiscoverable security appliances.

New VLAN Support – EAGLE Tofino Security Appliances and the EAGLE Tofino CMP now transparently support VLAN tagged network traffic, preventing hackers from using double-tag attacks to “jump” between VLANs.

Enhanced OPC Support – the EAGLE Tofino OPC Enforcer now supports non-standard OPC products as well as OPC over intermittent networks.

Support for More Protocols and Products – The EAGLE Tofino now support > 90 industrial and IT protocols and > 60 control products.