Sensor for End Position Detection

Simple retrofitting for valves with contactless and wear-free device.

  • Sensor for End Position Detection
    Sensor for End Position Detection

For many applications, it is essential that the user is certain whether the valve has switched or not. Such end-position queries are usually solved with reed-contact switches. However, this solution is often very large, clunky and also expensive. A lot of effort is put into sealing as much surface area as possible. This results in a loss of magnetic field, which impairs the valve function. This means that retrofitting valves that have already been delivered is only possible with considerable effort.

The GSR end position sensor, on the other hand, can be easily retrofitted to existing valves. It is currently available for the GSR DC solenoid systems .032 and .012. Other solenoid systems are in preparation, as e. g. explosion protection. In complete assembly with valve, the sensor is also available as option 6H.

For high ambient temperatures

The mode of operation is as follows: The sensor detects the magnetic field. When the armature moves, the magnetic field changes and the sensor detects when the valve has switched. The LED display integrated in the plug signals successful switching. In this way, the user can be sure that the valve is functioning reliably.

The GSR end-position sensor scores points not only for its simple installation but also for its compact and robust design. The high-quality stainless-steel housing enables a long service life, withstands drops and can even be used under water. The sensor on its own is suitable for high ambient temperatures up to 160 °C and requires only a low current consumption.