Software for Energy Management of Factory Utilities

For real-time energy monitoring with extended functionalities

  • Software for Energy Management of Factory Utilities
    Software for Energy Management of Factory Utilities

VPInstruments introduces release 7 of the VPVision energy management system. VPVision is a complete real-time energy monitoring solution for a company’s utilities. The software helps to target potentials for energy savings and to improve the performance of a factory.

Remote access 

In the newest release 7, the VPVision software has gotten a complete make-over. The modern design offers better navigation, improved stability, and increased performance. The software is more intuitive and self-explanatory, making a user manual almost redundant. The release allows remote access and is now cloud enabled. On-site visits can be avoided, and remote audits and system checks performed. Furthermore, updating is just a matter of minutes, as updates can be done automatically over the air.

Raising energy awareness

The dashboards built with the software can be kept simple, to prevent a data-overload. With the new linked widgets functionality, details that are not used on a daily basis can be accessed via the widgets. VPVision’s improved page builder makes it even easier to create custom pages with the rightKPI’s / graphs / overviews / alarms and more. This combined with user profiles, ensure the right design of individual dashboards for every job. Revealing the true costs of all utilities, including compressed air, technical gases, steam, vacuum, natural gas, electricity, wastewater, heating fuels etc., can help organizations to raise the energy awareness among their staff and to target energy savings for individuals, teams or at a company-wide level.