Solid-State Optical Dissolved CO₂ Sensor

Maintenance-free measurement for bioreactors

  • Solid-State Optical Dissolved CO₂ Sensor
    Solid-State Optical Dissolved CO₂ Sensor

With a goal of giving bioproduction scientists and engineers greater control to measure, monitor, and automate fermentation processes, Hamilton Process Analytics announced today the launch of a new optical dissolved carbon dioxide (DCO₂) sensor for use in R&D, pilot, and production bioreactor applications. Dubbed “CO₂NTROL” (simply pronounced “CON-TROL”), the DCO₂ probe leverages a solid-state, optical measurement principle and requires no maintenance outside of simple calibration. Unlike other DCO₂ measurement technologies such as off-line blood-gas analyzers and maintenance-heavy electrochemical (Severinghaus) electrodes, CO₂NTROL sensors offer the ideal combination of real-time, in-situ data that is accurate, precise, and not labor-intensive.

Reliabe measurement of important process parameter

With a measurement range of 5 - 1,000 mbar (0.5 to 100 %-Vol or 7.5 - 1,500 mg/L), CO₂NTROL also comes with standard Hamilton Arc technology, boasting an integrated micro-transmitter that stores calibration and quality data and makes calibration possible in a controlled metrology lab. The robust sensor is also ready for CIP, SIP, and autoclave. 
Hamilton Process Analytics’ portfolio now includes six key critical process parameter measurements for the bioreactor
: pH (and oxidation-reduction potential, or redox), dissolved oxygen, conductivity, viable cell density, total cell density, and now dissolved carbon dioxide.