Subsea Pressure Transmitter

For gas and liquid measurement in marine, offshore and submersible applications

  • Subsea Pressure Transmitter
    Subsea Pressure Transmitter

Positek has launched a new pressure transmitter specifically aimed at gas and liquid pressure measurement tasks in submerged instruments and equipment used in marine and offshore applications. With its protection rating of IP68 sealed to 10bar/IP69K. The new S401 series brings together a robust and durable 35 mm diameter, 316 stainless-steel housed construction and a high accuracy piezo resistive sensing element coupled with the latest ASIC circuitry. The pressure transmitter is available with gauge pressure measurement ranges set to customer requirements from 0.6 to 2000 bar and with a wide choice of high level ratiometric voltage, current outputs – some with a low power consumption option for use with battery powered wireless transmitting systems. 

Estimated life of more than 10 million pressure cycles

The S401 series has a specified range accuracy of less than 0.5% and a stated non-linearity of less than 0.15% of range. Repeatability and stability/year both at less than 0.10% of the measurement range. The transmitter is designed for use in temperatures from -40 to +125°C (compensated range -20 to +85°C) with temperature coefficients at less or equal to 0.15% for both offset and range. These specifications combine with a fast response time and generous burst and overpressure ratings plus exceptional shock and vibration characteristics to ensure precise and stable pressure measurement over a wide working range with an estimated life of more than 10 million pressure cycles. Installation flexibility is aided by a choice of 1/4" NPT or G1/4" threads for the wetted components and electrical interfacing is via a moulded cable to customer’s length requirement with connector/mating connector option.