Success Strategies in the Age of Big Data

Customized solutions banking on a know-how mix of IT, process engineering and automation.

  • Success Strategies in the Age of Big Data
    Success Strategies in the Age of Big Data
  • Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Wolf, managing director of PDE
    Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Wolf, managing director of PDE

PDE offers a broad service spectrum in the field of process, laboratory and machine data management, ranging from interface management via archiving and the development of customer-specific simulation models through to application-specific evaluations and optimization.

There is a good reason for the term ”Data Engineering” figuring in the company name. Well before the age of Industry 4.0, Jörg Wolf, managing director of PDE, employed for many years with the EPC contractor LURGI, was already intensively involved in the ever more important fields of digitization and efficient use of the rapidly growing data volumes. 
Today’s big challenge lies in the secure acquisition and fast and revision-proof long-time archiving of all relevant data. Efficient data use and improved data quality benefit every company when it comes to securing a leading edge on the market”, says Jörg Wolf.  “Typical examples are reduced downtimes or cost savings“, so Jörg Wolf. 
Across all industries it can be said: an optimized data inventory creates greater transparency, prevents  failures allows maximum control over the process and predictive maintenance apart from gaining new knowledge in terms of a CIP (continual improvement process). 

More efficiency and transparency in the data jungle.  

And what’s more: Many industrial process plants can be efficiently operated far beyond their depreciation period. Changed operating environments – e.g. changed feed composition or emission limits – frequently require modifications going beyond repair and maintenance measures. Here’s where simulation models for individual units or even the complete plant come into play. They can contribute to more efficient plant operation, support planning and implementation of the modifications and drastically reduce downtimes.  

Individualized customer support and strong partners 

PDE’s customers come from different industries: chemical engineering, environmental engineering, energy technology, mineral processing and the power plant sector.    
The company’s strength lies in the delivery of highly specific process data projects that are crucial to safety and cost management. Current examples are the configuration of an alarm management system for ring space monitoring in a deep drilling project. Here, the objective is to tackle the alarm flood problem and thus reduce the risk of control room operators not responding adequately and timely to critical alarms. Another project involves creating greater transparency regarding the ratio of production volumes to entrained reservoir water (water-to-gas ratio) through automated and resource-efficient data evaluation. 

Mastering such complex topics and challenges is unthinkable without decades of experience in the most diverse disciplines: data analysis, IT, process engineering and automation. This is what is setting PDE apart from ”pure” IT service providers or automation specialists. 

Regarding the special field of secure remote service or the provision of external telemonitoring platforms, PDE can draw on the cooperation with a strong partner, genua GmbH specializing in security solutions for the IT sector. The same applies to AspenTech, a worldwide leading provider of production process optimization software, of which PDE has been an official sales partner for many years.