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    System wiring

Wago's X-COM S pluggable DIN-rail terminal block system offers “nA” type of protection that can be used in Zone 2 hazardous areas, e.g railway transportation, ship building, machinery and equipment applications. Approval for use in Zone 2 Ex area greatly expands the range of applications for WAGO's pluggable X-COM S DIN-rail terminal block system.

All X-COM S Carrier Terminal Blocks and Female Plugs, which are approved for Ex applications, are identified by the item number suffix “…/0999-0953”. With a maximum wire size of 2.5 mm² (AWG 14), they are designed for a nominal current of 20 A. Compared to standard X-COM S components, the shorter locking lever, which is factory-mounted on the female plug, makes accidental disconnection even more difficult. Removing the female plugs is only possible using an operating tool, providing additional safety particularly for sensitive applications in hazardous areas. X-COM S for Ex applications will be available in 1- to 15-pole configurations in gray, blue and green-yellow. Each Ex module is subjected to a high voltage test during the manufacturing process.

The modular design provides many possibilities to create custom female plug assemblies. Connectors can be prepared regardless of the final installation requirements and pre-assembled groups can be tested prior to installation. Groups having the same number of poles can be mechanically coded, preventing any mismating right from the beginning. This modular design significantly streamlines servicing even in Ex areas (e.g., offshore platforms). This not only saves time and money, but also allows assembly by external service providers and subcontractors.

WAGO's X-COM, X-COM S and X-COM S-MINI DIN-rail terminal block systems are used whenever time and cost savings are vital for system wiring, e.g., in switchgear and control systems for railway systems. The X-COM-SYSTEM consists of carrier terminal blocks, male connectors and female plugs with different mounting systems, as well as headers with solder pins. This enables connectors to be prepared regardless of the final installation requirements and pre-assembled groups to be checked prior to installation. Furthermore, components can be quickly and reliably replaced via 100% mismating and touch-proof protection.