Temperature Signal Conditioners Jumpflex

To monitor, report and display signal statuses with up to two switching thresholds

  • Temperature Signal Conditioners Jumpflex
    Temperature Signal Conditioners Jumpflex

WAGO‘s new JUMPFLEX® Temperature Signal Conditioners engineered for RTD sensors, potentiometers, resistors and thermocouples offer a relay and digital output, in addition to an analog output or RS-485 interface. These temperature signal conditioners monitor, report and display signal statuses with up to two switching thresholds.


Configuration is performed via free interface configuration software, the JUMPFLEX®-ToGo smartphone app or a removable display. The display indicates process values and allows intuitive, time-saving configuration while simulating input/output response. This is useful when commissioning new systems, such as when the input circuit is not yet complete, but the output behavior is ready for testing. Furthermore, the configuration can be copied from device to device, which saves time and money.



The JUMPFLEX® RTD/TC Temperature Signal Conditioners‘ highlights include:

  • Integrated relay, digital signal output, analog output and an RS-485 serial interface for a wide range of applications
  • Option of commoning the supply voltage, since all other signal conditioners, isolation amplifiers (857 and 2857 Series) and relays (857 Series) have the same profile
  • Versatile labelling options using marking strips or WMB Multi marking system





Cold Storage: A Typical Application

Temperature signal conditioners are common in refrigeration applications for comprehensively monitoring temperatures at various points in the room. If a deviation specified in the configuration is exceeded, it is possible to send a warning message to the control center via the digital output or initiate a specified response, for example.



Main features

  • Pocket-sized pluggable display for fast configuration and simulation of process values
  • Additional digital signal output for configured measurement range limits
  • Simulation of input/output response for quick start-up
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® connection technology: Simply push in solid conductors and fine-stranded conductors with ferrules – no tool needed