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    Temperature Analysis Software

Ametek Land has introduced a new innovation to its SPOT range of non-contact infrared thermometers which enables the simultaneous storage and analysis of data from up to 40 spot thermometers.

The new LAND SPOT Server Software builds on the features of the SPOT Viewer to enable users to be able to compare live and historical data from multiple thermometers. This has many benefits in terms of enabling the user to identify process trends, as well as facilitating greater efficiency and productivity and reducing the risk of downtime.

The Spokesperson for Ametek Land said "Our new Spot Server Software is ideal for larger operations where advanced process control is required. It offers a number of user benefits around the capture, storage and analysis of data from multiple spot thermometers for management decision making and production efficiency."

The software has an overview window, where users can visualise data from up to 20 SPOT Thermometers on one single screen. The window provides an overview control for each SPOT thermometer, which allows for the display of target and ambient temperatures. It also enables the user to monitor the current instrument alarm status and configure instrument settings and access the SPOT integrated camera image.

Users can define custom criteria to enable the capture of important events and manage how and when to store data. Each thermometer can be configured independently, with the freedom to define the storage interval for a range of fields, including target temperature, ambient temperature and emissivity.

The new software gives the user the freedom to define exactly when and for how long to store every data value and analyse both live and historical data. The Calibration function within SPOT Server Software enables users to check the calibration of their SPOT infrared thermometer, either as field or laboratory calibration.

Data can be stored to either Microsoft SQL or XML text file. Microsoft SQL provides a database archive that supports complex data queries and the possibility of plant data integration and reporting. Use of SQL provides opportunities for the integration of data and the ability to deal with complex data queries.

Users can easily export data to an Excel file for offline analysis using standard commercial analysis tools. The LAND SPOT range of infrared thermometers are widely used in the following industries: glass, iron and steel, hot rolling mills, heat treatment plants, induction heating and cement.