Temperature calibrators

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Temperature calibrators
Temperature calibrators

Fluke has introduced two high-accuracy Temperature Calibrators, the Fluke 712B and 714B, plus the new Fluke 750P series of Pressure Calibration Modules. The 712B RTD Temperature Calibrator offers simulation and measurement of 13 different RTD sensor types plus resistance, the 714B TC Temperature Calibrator offers simulation and measurement of 17 different thermocouple sensor types plus mV, while the 750P Series offers 48 pressure calibration modules. 

The rugged Temperature Calibrators are designed as easy-to-use, high accuracy instruments and come with a magnetic hanging strap, to free up both hands during testing, as well as a 3 year warranty. They can source/simulate temperature sensors to apply to process instruments, indicators, chart recorders and other devices. Offering dual inputs and bright, dual-reading, backlit displays, they provide easy interpretation of measurements. The temperature calibrators measure 4 to 20mA signals while simultaneously sourcing a temperature signal. They offer configurable 0% and 100% source settings for quick 25% linearity checks, and a linear output ramp and 25% step auto ramp based on 0% and 100% settings. Power-down settings are remembered at power-up for easy restart of tests.

The Pressure Calibration Modules offer a complete family of 48 pressure modules covering gauge, differential or absolute pressure calibrations from 2.5mBar to 690Bar, ideal for use with Fluke 750x / 74x Series Documenting Process Calibrators or Fluke 725 / 726 Multifunction Process Calibrators to measure pressure. Each module is clearly labeled for range, overpressure and media compatibility. All modules include NPT, metric (BSP) and M20 adapters.

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