Transporting and Lifting in Sensitive Areas

Stainless steel forklifts and pallet trucks for use in hazardous areas and clean rooms

  • Type 430 in action
    Type 430 in action
  • Type 411
    Type 411

Safety has the highest priority in sensitive areas such as clean rooms or hazardous areas. Even forklifts need to meet the highest statutory requirements. EAP Lachnit offers pallet trucks, forklifts and lifts made of stainless steel for the transport, lifting and moving of goods. The established manufacturer’s units are considered to be extremely robust and powerful. Further variants of the pallet trucks, forklifts and lifts are also possible for special requirements.

Reaching new heights 

EAP Lachnit offers the manoeuvrable electric forklift type 430 as a clean room version with a telescopic mast and a hydraulic lift for lifting loads up to great heights of up to 3335 mm. The mast height is 2350 mm when retracted and 3950 mm when extended via the telescopic mast. The maximum door jamb height is 2400 mm, the intermediate support fork has a clearance of 555 mm and the support fork has a maximum height of 80 mm. It lifts loads of up to 400 kg in Ex zones 1 of category 2G/2D  CTX (temperature class depends on media temperature); this is certified with an Ex certificate from TÜV-Süd. 

All wheels are electrically conductive and the castors on the operating side are equipped with a brake. Two arbors measuring 45 x 875 mm and with a maximum width of 800 mm take up the loads. The forklift is made completely of 1.4301 / V2A / AISI 304 stainless steel, the surfaces are electropolished. 

The type 430 forklift is also available in a pneumatic version with a 3-fold telescopic mast. It can lift loads of up to 500 kg up to a height of 3500 mm. It is highly manoeuvrable (turning radius of 1600 mm) on its tandem rollers made of stainless steel with a PU coating. It can, for example, be used to transport chemicals on 1300 x 800 mm aluminium pallets. All construction parts, including the rolled mast profiles, are made of 1.4301 / V2A / AISI 304 stainless steel. The pneumatic cylinder possesses Ex approval EX II 2GD IIB T3.

Slim and agile: electric pallet trucks

Classic pallet trucks are used for many transport tasks in hazardous areas and clean rooms. EAP Lachnit also offers special versions for such applications: The 411 K electric pallet truck is suitable for the simple but rapid loading and unloading of goods. And if heavy loads need to be transported over longer distances, the powerful 412 K electric pallet truck with a driver’s platform is the ideal solution. The structure of the electric pallet truck is very robust. A warp-resistant load frame with round fork ends allows the goods to be handled carefully. Rollers that drive in and out ensure that pallets can be picked up easily. Overload protection and a gentle lowering valve are integrated as standard. The pallet trucks exhibit a high degree of stability thanks to a central drive with bevel gearing and offer a high level of driving comfort, thresholds can also be overcome without any problems. It is operated via a safety steering drawbar with control and operating elements. For emergencies, the electric pallet truck is equipped with an emergency stop switch and a safety button with automatic return. The maximum load capacity is 3,000 kg, and it has a lifting height of up to 205 mm (optionally up to 300 mm). Thanks to a small turning radius of 1,600 mm, the pallet trucks are very manoeuvrable. A travel speed of 4 km/h allows you to get around quickly.

For use in sensitive areas or in environments with a high degree of humidity, the key switch is fitted with a rubber cover, and the control unit, battery and hydraulic unit are encased in a waterproof stainless-steel housing that meets IP67 protection. The material used, stainless steel (1.4301/ V2A/AISI 304), as well as the glass bead-blasted surface, enable easy and thorough cleaning. The electric pallet truck is in compliance with EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and has the CE marking.

For conveying tasks that require a higher lift, the electric forklift type 422 is the right choice. With a load capacity of 1,250 kg, it is powerful and offers a wide range of applications. A large steering angle and full mobility to both sides make the pallet truck very manoeuvrable; the bevel gear drive also ensures a high degree of stability.