with a capacity of 400 trays per hour

  • Traywashers

Compact and efficient the Crusader T400e traywasher from Industrial Washing Machines Ltd (IWM) has a throughput capacity of 400 trays per hour, offering a cost-effective choice for users with low to medium volume tray washing requirements

The compact construction of the machine means that it is easy to accommodate even where space is restricted, while its robust design, low maintenance requirements and high operating efficiency make it is economical to run.

Crusader machines wash trays by subjecting them to sustained jetting with hot water and detergent. To support the higher throughput of the T400e, however, the pumps have been upgraded to provide more powerful jetting, and the heating system has been uprated from 24 kW to 36 kW. These changes ensure that, even when working at maximum capacity, the machines reliably cleanse heavily soiled trays.

For maximum economy, the wash water and detergent are re-circulated via an efficient yet easy to clean filter system. A fresh water rinse is provided, and the rinse water is recovered to the wash tank to minimise water usage from the mains. The new machines also incorporate IWM’s latest tubular hygienic design, which makes them fast and easy to clean, and completely eliminates potential dirt traps.