Tunnel freezing system

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  • Tunnel freezing system
    Tunnel freezing system

Air Products has modified its Freshline QS quick start cryogenic tunnel freezing system to make it even more user-friendly for innovative food businesses wanting to experiment with new frozen product lines or expand their freezing capacity. The entry-level Freshline QS tunnel is now just 6m in length, down from 8m, with the same freezing capacity (up to 350 kg/hr).

First introduced in 2011, the QS tunnel freezer range is helping to make cryogenic freezing systems more accessible and viable to smaller food businesses. Many smaller, independent food businesses, producing bakery and a variety of processed and fresh food products across Europe, are now using the technology.

Cryogenic freezing uses liquid nitrogen (LIN) (-196oC) to freeze food products quickly, within just a few minutes instead of the hours needed by traditional mechanical freezing systems. This technology enables the business to achieve a higher yield and it can also help to improve product quality.

Ann Callens, European food sector specialist at Air Products, said:

“When food products are frozen more rapidly, it results in the formation of smaller ice crystals, which can help to protect the integrity of the food product. It also helps the product to retain moisture, which can have a positive effect on texture, colour and flavour."

“In the past cryogenic freezing technology has only really been viable for major scale food producers, with larger production line, but the QS tunnel freezing system has changed all that. The simplicity of the new product range and its compact size means it is suitable for even the smallest production sites.”

Commenting on the suitability of cryogenic freezing technology for smaller scale food producers, Ann Callens added: “For smaller, experimental food producers, this quick start cryogenic freezing technology can bring real benefits by ensuring the right consistency and quality, without the need to make an upfront capital investment. The ability to freeze foods quickly also means that less space is needed to store food products and new lines can be tested more easily and quickly."

“In today’s fast-changing consumer marketplace, the ability to produce new product lines quickly and with minimal cost investment is increasingly important. The QS tunnel freezer makes this possible.”