Ultra-Precise and Reliable Radar Sensor

For micrometer-precise distance measurement – even in the harshest environments

  • Ultra-Precise and Reliable Radar Sensor
    Ultra-Precise and Reliable Radar Sensor

OndoSense has launched an ultra-precise radar sensor for distance measurement, which reliably measures even in the most difficult industrial environments with dirt, smoke, oil mist or adverse light at all times. With a measurement accuracy of up to one micrometer and a measuring frequency of 300 Hertz, the OndoSense apex is not only the most precise and fastest distance radar on the market: With 0.1 to 50 meters, it also offers the widest measuring range as well as the lowest blind range of comparable distance radars. Thanks to IO-Link, RS485, an analog current interface (4–20 mA) and three digital switching outputs (PNP/NPN), customers benefit from high-performance industrial interfaces for data transmission to the machine control (PLC).

The application spectrum of the OndoSense apex radar sensor ranges from simple distance measurements, complex dimension measurements, presence control and positioning of hidden objects (e. g. behind packaging or plastic plates) to the precise positioning of machines in several dimensions and the detection of obstacles to collision avoidance.

Narrow opening angle for focused measurements

The extremely narrow opening angle of the radar lens of only 4 degrees for radar sensors ensures reliable measurements with an extremely small measuring spot. The customized lens meets the desire of many customers for focused measurements with a small opening angle and a maximum of precision and measuring frequency. 

The browser-based configuration software of the radar sensor impresses with an intuitive, user-friendly user interface and numerous features that make it very easy to commission the sensor. For example, the reflections (peaks) of the radar signal can be visualized in the software. Smart “peak selection” algorithms can simply select the desired target object with a mouse click and hide other targets. The peaks can be sorted by signal strength or distance. In addition, dynamic thresholds or linear thresholds can be defined.

Reliable measurement results

Thanks to robust, insensitive radar technology and smart radar algorithms, the OndoSense apex offers high-precision, reliable measurement results — even for dirt, smoke, steam, rain, snow, heat, low light conditions, light flashes or rough surfaces. With its dustproof, jet water-proof housing (IP 67/IP 69K) and resistant PTFE lens, the robust distance radar is the ideal choice for challenging production environments. For extreme conditions, the heavy duty housing via water cooling and compressed air supply offers maximum protection against heat or dirt. 

With its precision and speed as well as its wide measuring range, the OndoSense apex Distance Radar offers a wide range of applications in sectors such as the metal industry, mechanical engineering, agriculture, the food industry, the oil and gas industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry or the energy sector.