Versatile Multi-Purpose Indicator

Robust housing for use in intrinsically safe applications

  • Versatile Multi-Purpose Indicator
    Versatile Multi-Purpose Indicator

The Fluidwell D490 is a Multi-Purpose Indicator. It can display the actual process value, range and current loops. In addition to flow rate, level, temperature and pressure applications, the D490 can also work with other measuring units, such as %, mA, RPM and more. Therefore, the D490 is a versatile indicator that suits many applications. The D490 is a unique intrinsically safe product within the D-Series. The input circuit has a low voltage drop < 1V DC and is isolated from the backlight circuit. It is classified with the highest protection level Ga/Da (Zone 0) and won’t influence the intrinsically safe circuit to which it is connected. The loop powered D490 accepts 4 - 20mA input signals from a wide range of process instruments, including flow (linear or square root), level, pressure and temperature transmitters. All these process parameters can be displayed in their own engineering units. 

Robust and sustainable and user-friendly

An outstanding advantage of this DIN panel mount indicator is its unique waterproof qualities. The robust IP66, IP67 and Type 4X enclosure withstands extreme weather conditions and powerful water jets! It will save time and cost.  it is perfect for marine, cleaning and wash-down applications without worrying about water damage. The configuration of the D490 is done via a simple, logical and menu-driven structure (instead of complex hardware changes or actions). The alphanumerical descriptions enhance the easy understanding of the system and its settings, in contrast with regularly seen confusing abbreviations and complex codes. The D490 is, like all Fluidwell products, designed according the ‘Know one, know them all’ – principle. Once familiar with a Fluidwell product, users can program ALL models in ALL series without the need for a manual.