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Industrial Datasheets

Radar level transmitter

for solids level measurement

Measurement and Instrumentation

Siemens Industry Automation Division has launched Sitrans LR560 radar level transmitter operating at 78GHz frequency. Sitrans LR560 is a non-contacting...

Ultrasonic level transmitter

for complex tank shapes

Measurement and Instrumentation

Burkert’s Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Type 8175 provides continuous level measurement at distances up to 10 metres. Integrating an ultrasonic...

Two wire guided wave radar

for critical applications

Measurement and Instrumentation

Magnetrol’s Eclipse 705 two wire guided wave radar (GWR) is type approved for steam drums, EN 12952‐11 (water tube boilers) and EN 12953‐9...

Vacuum and superfine filtering

removes water, gas and solids in hydraulic systems

Processing Machinery

The Stauff Mini Water Vac (SMWV) removes water and solid dirt particles from hydraulic oils in a self-regulating process by means of vacuum and...

Wireless network boost production

and reduces maintenance costs

Automation and Communication

Replacing the traditional wired network with a wireless solution for control and monitoring has improved operations and worker safety in a harsh...

Lightweight level compensators

reduce product damage and speed up production

Equipment and Services

Piab, a supplier of industrial vacuum technology, expands its range of level compensators with the lightweight LC series. The LC level compensators,...

Wireless transmitters & receivers

for process measurement applications

Automation and Communication

The UWXL Series industrial wireless transmitters from OMEGA offer flexibility for process measurement applications. Capable of ranges to 120m...

Tank gauging system

for refineries and liquid storage

Measurement and Instrumentation

Emerson Process Management’s Raptor system consists of a complete range of tank gauging instrumentation including high performance, non-contact...

Temperature sensor

needs no separate controller

Measurement and Instrumentation

Micro-Epsilon's thermoMETER CSlaser miniature infrared temperature sensor has an integrated controller and enables temperature measurements from...

Infrared camera

for high temperature inspection

Measurement and Instrumentation

The FLIR GF309 is an infrared camera from FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) specially designed for high temperature inspection of industrial...

Wireless foot control

uses the 2.4 GHz waveband

Automation and Communication

The advantages of wireless communication are particularly obvious in the case of foot controls. The  RF GFI/ GFIS wireless foot switches...

Flow meter

suitable for aseptic processing

Measurement and Instrumentation

IZMAG stainless steel electromagnetic flow meters from GEA Diessel are designed to meet the needs of the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech...

Vibrating fork level switch

for SIL 2 safety instrumented systems

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Rosemount 2130 vibrating short fork level switch by Emerson Process Management is designed for (Safety Integrity Level) SIL 2 safety instrumented...

Pressure sensor

with extended range

Measurement and Instrumentation

Sensirion is launching the SDP2108-R a sensor solution for measuring air flows in medical ventilation applications. The differential pressure...

Mobile phone

and online tracking system

Automation and Communication

Bartec's mobile phone PEGASUS for use in hazardous areas has been especially designed for the use in rough industrial environments, e.g. in the...

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