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Since its inception in 1962, OMEGA has grown from manufacturing a single product line of thermocouples to an established global leader in the technical marketplace, offering more than 100,000 state-of-the-art products for measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH and conductivity. OMEGA also provides customers with a complete line of data acquisition, electric heating and custom engineered products. For the past three decades our handbooks have served as valuable reference tools for engineers around the world. And though we are an established direct-marketing pioneer, our people, facilities and superior client services go well beyond the OMEGA handbooks. It is our commitment to quality instrumentation and exceptional customer service that has remained the cornerstone of our success. OMEGA's priority is clear. Our facilities exist to "facilitate" solutions to your needs.

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Over 100,000 products at
Celebrating over 50 years of Process Measurement and Control
Pressure, Strain and Force Products
Pressure, Strain and Force Products
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Temperature Measurement Products
Industrial automation products
Industrial automation products
Industrial automation products
Pressure, Strain and Force products
Your single source for wireless products
Pressure, strain and force products.
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Free UK edition handbook