Thursday, 19 October 2017

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New Industrial Products

Mobile data collector

with ATEX certification

Automation and Communication

VIBROTIP by Prüftechnik is a rugged and handy data collector for machine vibration, rolling element bearing condition and pump cavitation that...

Thermal imaging cameras

for gas leak detection

Measurement and Instrumentation

Driven by operational safety, revenue loss and minimising environmental damage considerations - FLIR GF-Series thermal imaging cameras are increasingly...

Beacon light

provides high-brightness lighting solution

Equipment and Services

Banner Engineering introduces the EZ-LIGHT K50 Beacon Light. Providing intense levels of light output from all directions, the beacon light is...

Flow meters

for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems

Measurement and Instrumentation

The series DFM flow meters by AFRISO are used in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems as well as solar and geothermal applications...

Field device couplers

with power management

Automation and Communication

Suitable for installation in zone 2 or in safe areas, R. Stahl's 9410 series of compact field device couplers features protection for the trunks...

Weighing system

bypasses complex setup and programming

Processing Machinery

Pre-engineered and pre-programmed 920i FlexWeigh Systems are Rice Lake’s answer to many of manufacturing’s most commonly used weighing processes....

Adsorption air dryers

with touch-screen technology

Processing Machinery

The range of smart adsorption air dryers by Hi-line Industries have been even enhanced by the addition of touch-screen technology incorporated...

Pressure gauges

eliminate pointer flutter

Measurement and Instrumentation

Ashcroft PLUS! Performance pressure gauges eliminate pointer flutter in the presence of pump pulsation and high vibration. As a lower priced...

Micro flow switch

and bubble detector for liquids

Measurement and Instrumentation

The LG01 micro flow switch by Sensirion is designed for ultra-low liquid flow rates and bubble detection. The sensor makes fluidic systems more...

Pressure transmitter

offers an accuracy level of 0.03%

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Sitrans P500 pressure transmitter by Siemens offers an accuracy level of 0.03%, it delivers precise results over the entire measuring range...

Digital multimeter

for safe testing in hazardous areas

Measurement and Instrumentation

Newson Gale has introduced the ISDMM multi-function portable meter to enable engineers and technicians to test bonding and continuity in hazardous...

Redesigned check valves

offer efficiency and performance

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

The check valves type 561 and 562 have been redesigned and complement the GFPS line of plastic valves. The standard cone check valve type 561...

Closed ceramic bends

without offset or jolts

Equipment and Services

Foundry owners, in particular, could write a book about it: Any change of direction of the sand during pneumatic transport may turn into a problem...

Baking machines

for up to 18.000 sugar cones/hour

Processing Machinery

The JUPITER IC series is the new generation of baking machines for sweet wafers and savoury snacks being made for the highest capacities. It...

Radar sensor

for level measurement in bulk solids

Measurement and Instrumentation

VEGAPULS SR 68 radar sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids is especially suitable for level measurement in silos and bunkers with...

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