Wednesday, 24 May 2017

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Industrial Applications

Getting the Process Industry at its Maximum Efficiency

To keep ahead internationally, manufacturers have to achieve a high efficiency rate. Automation plays an important role here – but standardization can also be fundamental

Automation and Communication

The original founders of NAMUR (now the Automation Systems Interest Group of the Process Industry, previously “standardization association...

True Innovation and Advantages of Experience

“The only source of knowledge is experience”, stated Albert Einstein. Siemens’ experience in radar and ultrasonic technology allowed end user companies to achieve good performance thanks to reliable and precise level measurement

Measurement and Instrumentation

Innovation is a slippery beast. Often disguised in shiny packaging, hidden behind seemingly infinite lists of features, and sold to the public...

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

In response to the rising cost pressure in the pharmaceutical industry, drug producers rather opt for extending the lifespan of trusted machinery and equipment modernization than new machinery purchases. Here are presented some problems that may occur

Equipment and Services

With more than 40 years of experience in farm animal, pet and equine healthcare, family-run Norbrook Laboratories have developed and registered...

Process Safety Management: How to Prevent Catastrophic Risks

Delivering safety and environmental protection, educating the workers involved in plain and simple terms to guarantee the understanding of major hazard risks, it’s fundamental when dealing with process safety management

In catastrophic risk management, the hazardous properties of materials, substances and energy never take any time off to allow us to figure out...

Proof-Testing: An Effective Way to Increase Safety

The proof-testing of safety instrumented systems in liquid level measurement applications has traditionally relied on workers in the field. However, new technology in modern smart devices is enabling this vital task to be performed remotely

Equipment and Services

Regular proof-testing is an essential requirement for safety instrumented systems (SIS) in liquid level measurement applications, as it ensures...

Onshore and Offshore Safe Networking

INPEX's onshore and offshore facilities are the most modern in the world, being connected for almost 900 kilometers to a total of 25,000 safety-related input and output points thanks to HIMA’s safe Ethernet protocol

Automation and Communication

Safety engineering is provided by HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH, headquartered in Bruehl, Germany. The company is supplying 430 control cabinets,...

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

A proper maintenance policy is pivotal in order to preserve the equipment and the productive potentiality of an industrial plant, reducing breakdowns and plant shutdown

Regulatory aspects According to the UNI EN 13306:2010 maintenance is the 'combination of all technical, administrative and management activities,...

European Plant with Boosted Process Equipment Manufacturing Capability

SPX Flow has recently expanded production capabilities by opening a new manufacturing campus in Europe, which is able to produce an extensive range of hygienic valves, plate heat exchangers, pumps, homogenizers and process systems

Equipment and Services

The new opened SPX Flow facility was a huge investment made aiming at quality and efficiency. The facility in Central Europe is fitted with advanced...

Tray Sealing Machines Benefit from Remote Connectivity

By installing eWON Flexy VPN routers and using the Talk2M Internet-based remote access system, Packaging Automation Ltd is now able to offer real time visualization, production management and fault diagnosis tools

Processing Machinery

Based in Knutsford, Cheshire, Packaging Automation Ltd (PA) is a leading manufacturer of tray sealing and pot filling machinery, which are used...

Global Standards Impacting Food & Beverage Process

Today’s global economy calls for an intimate understanding of regulations affecting materials that come in contact with food substances

Processing Machinery

Globalization has helped to create a business environment where geographical boundaries are blurred. Businesses and people are more interconnected...

Digitalization Paves the Way for High Quality Engineering of Automation Systems

Thanks to the Digital Era, which is spreading over many industries, the modularization of process plants and the corresponding requirements for the automation systems need to be rearranged

Automation and Communication

Digitalization is the keyword, which is increasingly influencing not only our private but also our professional lives. The development, fabrication,...

All-in-one PLCs with Integrated HMI Panels for Firefighting Applications

Marcé Fire Fighting Technology installed a control solution from Unitronics in each truck’s cab, where the touchscreen HMI panel makes it easy for the driver or other personnel to access the system.

Automation and Communication

The largest manufacturer of firefighting vehicles in Southern Africa, Marcé Fire Fighting Technology, is committed to bringing valuable...

Outstanding Behavior of Valves on a Booster Primary Compressor in US

The exceptional performance of such critical components thanks to high quality production and maintenance strategies, helping to optimize availability and minimize costs of a LDPE plant

The production of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) require the application of special compressors to obtain the pressure necessary for the required...

Repairing Damages in High Speed Centrifugal Compressors

Engineering support for troubleshooting when failures occur in one of the integrally geared centrifugal compressor pinions

During the commissioning of an Air Separation Unit, several failures have occurred with similar damages, in one of the pinions of the multiservice...

Drive Maintenance: Essential yet Overlooked

It’s a commonly held belief that industrial products such as drives and motors equipped with electronic components do not require any specific maintenance

Both OEMs and end users could benefit from a better understanding of the need for maintenance. Yet many end users may not even be aware that...

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