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    Absolute encoders

In potentially explosive atmospheres such as the chemical industry or oil extraction, encoders must comply with special safety regulations, since the smallest spark may have here very serious consequences. Kübler offers now, especially for this kind of applications, Sendix absolute and multiturn encoders with ATEX approval. The singleturn and multiturn ATEX encoders with “flameproof enclosures” are approved for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. They can also be used in maritime applications, since the housing and the flange are made of seawater-resistant aluminium.

The shock and vibration-resistant ATEX encoders operate flexibly with a resolution of up to 17 bits (singleturn) and 29 bits (multiturn). With a protection level of IP67 and a wide temperature range of -40°C up to +60°C, the ATEX encoders remain tight even in the harshest conditions and offer a very high safety against breakdowns in the field. The compact design, with its installation depth of only 145 mm, diameter of 70 mm and space-saving cable outlet, rounds off the flexible, diverse application possibilities in areas with explosion hazards.

Sendix SSI/BiSS absolute encoders with additional incremental Sin/Cos output and Sendix incremental encoders in Sin/Cos version are now available with SIL3 / PLe certification. The controller uses the data of the Sendix SIL absolute encoders to obtain safe absolute position information by counting the incremental pulses and comparing the result with the absolute position, which has also been provided by the same encoder. In the incremental Sendix SIL encoders, the controller monitors the validity of the analogue, 90° phase-shifted sine/cosine signals with the help of the function sin²+cos² = 1.

But safety is nor reached only with safe signals, it also requires a safe mechanical connection. The SIL encoders ensure this safety with oversized fixing elements, which guarantee a perfect reliability. Beyond Functional Safety, the Sendix SIL encoders offer additional protection thanks to their exceptional robustness, with extra strong bearings in the Safety Lock Design and a very high degree of accuracy and a long service life. With their high IP67 level of protection and their magnetic insensitivity thanks to optical scanning, the Sendix SIL encoders offer "All-round Safety".