ACHEMA 2012 - Hygienic belt weigher

for fast recipe changeover

  • by Gericke
  • June 27, 2012
  • ACHEMA 2012 - Hygienic belt weigher
    ACHEMA 2012 - Hygienic belt weigher

Flexibility with regard to recipe changeover and process reliability is called for when processing bulk materials. Gericke has therefore developed a belt weigher which has been designed to meet these requirements.

The hygienic DBW-H 400 belt weigher has been engineered to take on applications where fast recipe changeover and high process reliability are of great importance. The weigh feeder has been constructed according to hygiene criteria in order to achieve high cleanness of product on the one hand, and short changeover times between various products on the other hand.

Belt weighers are used for the conveying and feeding of lumpy, crumbly, brittle and free flowing products, e.g. oat flakes, wheat flakes, barley flakes, cornflakes, nuts, sweets or washing powder.
In many cases, the belt weigher presents an interesting alternative to screw feeders as it achieves high feed rates and is nevertheless compact in design.

Development of the belt weigher began with a stable frame which enables the integration of large-scale inspection glass. This allows operating staff to check smooth running of the feeding process without having to take special measures.

Smooth and flat surfaces, as well as excellent overall accessibility within the weigh feeder, permit easy and fast cleaning. No additional tools are required when opening the machine or changing the belt.

The weighing technology works in cooperation with the Easydos Pro feeder controller. User programmes and configurations can be downloaded off the computer and programmes and data can also be downloaded by means of a memory stick.

The belt weigher is suitable for feed rates ranging from 30 l/h – 65.000 l/h. The product is fed through the weigh feeder in continuous mode. That way refill sequences do not apply which means that installation height is reduced and gentle handling of the product is guaranteed.