Rotary Valves with Certified Washdown Option

Robust and easy-to-clean modular rotary valve series

  • by Gericke
  • July 26, 2023
  • Rotary Valves with Certified Washdown Option
    Rotary Valves with Certified Washdown Option

For many years Gericke RotaVal has continuously improved their modular range of rotary valves, designed and manufactured in the UK. Hundreds of fast clean version valves have been delivered over the years. Easy cleaning and fast access to all equipment components and surfaces has always been a key criterion for Gericke when designing machines to fulfil the high demands on frequent cleaning or inspection demands of the food and other industries. Gericke RotaVal can now offer an option to safely allow the fast clean range of rotary valves to be washed externally, with no concerns of damaging the valve – even if using a pressure washer at high water temperatures.

The option is officially UKAS certified to the recognised standard of IPx9K, currently the highest rating for water ingress protection.