Hygienic Outlet Valves with Inflatable Seals

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Easy-to-clean solution for applications where frequent cleaning is a must

Processing Machinery

Hygienic Outlet Valves with Inflatable Seals
Hygienic Outlet Valves with Inflatable Seals

Gericke batch mixers are now available with an additional type of discharge valve. This innovative and patented valve offers high process reliability, meeting all hygienic requirements, reduces the overall height of the mixing line and even lowers energy consumption. Gericke has hereby innovated a mechanical component that is often underestimated in its relevance. Mixer outlet valves not only serve to empty the mixer but are an important interface that is crucial in terms of cross-contamination and mixing quality. In other words, choosing the right outlet valve is crucial if high homogeneity is to be achieved in the mixing process.

Inflatable Seal 

A general concern of many mixing processes is the recipe trueness. A leaking or malfunction valve may alter the mixing content to be guaranteed. This leaking can be caused by e.g. product layers which have been built up during the production cycles. The new outlet valve closes tightly, even with sticky product thanks due to an inflatable seal. Furthermore, this configuration allows monitoring of the tightness of the outlet flap and in case of a malfunction the process can be stopped immediately, which allows to avoid product recalls. This function can also be part of an automation strategy to online track the condition and parameters of a process and the equipment used.

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