ACHEMA 2012 - Particle size analyzer

for milli-, micro- and nano-meter size ranges

  • ACHEMA 2012 - Particle size analyzer
    ACHEMA 2012 - Particle size analyzer

Malvern Instruments' Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer is a state-of-the-art, small footprint instrument is designed for smart particle sizing, delivering precise, high-resolution wet and dry sample measurement from 10nm to 3.5mm. New sample dispersion units provide a solution for every application, including the dry dispersion of fragile particles, while simple intuitive software drives user-defined measurements and simplifies method development.

Raising particle sizing to a smarter level, the analyzer delivers unique performance and productivity advantages, wrapped in a stylish, compact and practical instrument design. Now anyone can make good measurements and get exactly the data they need quickly and easily.

The particle size analyzer delivers precise, robust wet and dry measurements right across the milli-, micro- and nano-meter size ranges. Smart design of the new optical core packs this high performance into a small footprint system that boasts equally well-engineered sample dispersion accessories, including an entirely novel dry powder dispersion unit. Such flexibility makes the system ideal for the multitude of particle sizing applications for which laser diffraction is now the technique of choice.

Friendly and intuitive software drives every analyzer measurement, bringing operator- independent analysis and offering data generation tailored to individual customer needs, with presentation options as diverse as the industries it serves.