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New Industrial Products

Actuation technology

in media-separated minimum-size solenoid valves

Posted on July 18, 2011 - ( views)


With the TwinPower technology, Bürkert presents a novel actuator design for solenoid valves. The power density is increased by means of two coils – that is how solenoid valves can be made considerably more compact while retaining the same power. The new actuator design is being used for the first time in the types 6624 and 6626 TwinPower media-separated minimum-size solenoid valves. The term ‘TwinPower' reflects the fact that two coils are used in the new actuator for the solenoid valves, instead of the single coil used up to now. The intelligent combination of the two coils significantly increases the power density. Thanks to the higher power density, the TwinPower valves can be constructed to be considerably more compact in comparison with conventional actuator solutions, without having to accept loss of performance – the power of a valve of dimensions 16 x 26 x 46mm (BxDxH) can now be packed into 10 x 20 x 44 mm. That corresponds to a reduction in design space of 54 percent. In addition to the increased power density, the TwinPower technology makes significant energy savings possible. The Bürkert devices are equipped with hit-and-hold electronics as standard. This reduces the energy consumption by 75 percent 100ms after switching on. This power reduction not only has a positive effect on the energy efficiency, but at the same time it also reduces the heat emission from the device. The result is a reduction in heat transfer into the medium. Furthermore, the surface-to-volume ratio for the valves was optimised in such a way that the coils can release heat to the outside even more quickly than previously, and so the heat transferred into the medium is reduced even further. The types 6624 and 6626 TwinPower media-separated minimum-size solenoid valves have been designed mainly for use in the areas of life science, clinical diagnostics, medical technology, and environmental analysis. They are characterised by high reliability, long working life, an easy-clean diaphragm concept, and a fluid technology which is easily adaptable to individual customer requirements. For these applications, thanks to the space-saving TwinPower technology, the new Bürkert valves enable the design of terminal devices which are even more compact or mobile, and this simplifies point-of-care diagnostics in clinics or medical practices.

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