Automation Solution with Intuitive Operation

User-friendly applications for a wide range of process engineering operations

  • Automation Solution with Intuitive Operation
    Automation Solution with Intuitive Operation

At the heart of the solution is the JUMO variTRON automation system, for which a special application for process engineering has been developed. With the help of various JUMO smartWARE applications, an integrated solution can be implemented from the sensor to the cloud. The focus is on three user groups. 

Manufacturers of process engineering plants can use JUMO smartWARE Setup to define individual process steps and plant types. Plant operators can use the new JUMO smartWARE program to intuitively create and edit process engineering programs and recipes using a graphical editor. This browser-based application can be used on a PC, laptop, or tablet. End users can then visualize and control the program flow in the browser with the aid of a display, for example on a web panel or a tablet. The user interface can be freely customized, is consistent and can be operated intuitively.

Wide applicational range

In addition, other JUMO applications such as JUMO smartWARE SCADA, JUMO Cloud, or JUMO smartWARE Evaluation can be used for monitoring, batch recording, and individual report generation. The areas of application for the process engineering application are diverse and range from applications in the food industry to autoclaves, CIP systems, and greenhouses to industrial furnace construction or environmental technology.