Ball Valves for Gases and Liquids

Top-entry design for maintenance without need to disconnect

  • Ball Valves for Gases and Liquids
    Ball Valves for Gases and Liquids

GEA has launched an addition to its range of ball valves by adding the KVplus and KVplus cryo series of top-entry ball valves designed specifically to operate with pressures of up to 100 bar. The KVplus series is capable over the full temperature range from -50°C to +200°C, the KVplus cryo series is capable over the temperature range from -196°C to +100°C. This makes the KVplus and KVplus cryo series suitable for use with natural refrigerants (NH3, CO2), cooling brines, and non-corrosive gases and liquids according to EN 378-1.

Fire-Safe-Tested according to ISO

The new valve series completes the range, with its trusted German engineering being in high demand for many marine applications, for use in chemical factories and as a key component in heat pump technology. They are equipped with an anti blow-out stem, are Fire-Safe-Tested according to ISO 10497 & API 607 and the stem sealing system in compliance with ISO 15848 “technically emission free”. The top-entry design allows maintenance and inspection work to be completed without having to disconnect the valve from the line. The bi-directional seal/seat system operates irrespective of the direction of flow. When in the ‘closed’ position, the pressure is automatically relieved via the seat system of the valve.

Operation is by manual hand lever or can be used with electric or pneumatic actuators if required. The KVplus series valves are built within a one-piece, bolted stainless steel housing. This provides the necessary strength to handle the most demanding applications.