Cleanroom Technology

A simple solution to particle problems

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    Cleanroom Technology

In industrial manufacturing, in science and research the need for a clean particle and germ free environment plays an ever important role. For this purpose, the Spetec from Germany designed elaborate clean room facilities and offers a simple solution to the particle problem. In many instances, it is quite sufficient to create a localized clean room environment. The use of a Laminar Flow Box or a CleanBoy® establishes clean room conditions at the location where they are needed. 

Equipment and models available

The FBS and the CleanBoy® are available as a floor-standing or table-top device. The Spetec clean room devices are equipped with a filter of the type H 14. The effective clean room space covers a size between 3.98 square feet and 12.9 square feet. For the manufacturing only high quality materials such as acrylic glass and stainless steel are being applied.