Clevises and Clevis Joints

mbo Osswald’s clevis with additional thread makes anti-rotation mounting possible

  • Clevises and Clevis Joints
    Clevises and Clevis Joints

For all applications in which the clevis, as well as performing its function as a load-transmitting element, is to be secured against rotating, the new clevises with additional thread developed by mbo Osswald are the right choice.
This clevis variant is additionally located with a threaded pin in accordance with DIN 913/DIN EN ISO 4026 and is therefore securely installed.
The specialist in mechanical linking elements mbo Osswald has extended its standard product range to include a further product series for this purpose.
As of now selected clevises with M12 to M36 connecting threads are available directly from stock from a quantity of one upwards. These can be purchased as a single part or also as a complete clevis joint.
Naturally it is also possible to produce further sizes of DIN 71752/DIN ISO 8140 clevises with additional thread. If no standard variant meets the requirements, the experts at mbo Osswald offer the service of developing an application-specific solution jointly with the customer. Details on the individual dimensions are available directly from the manufacturer mbo Osswald.