Non-Browning Lenses for High-Definition CMOS Sensors

Design and manufacture service for radiation resistant lenses

  • Non-Browning Lenses for High-Definition CMOS Sensors
    Non-Browning Lenses for High-Definition CMOS Sensors

With recent advances in technology – CMOS sensors are being developed capable of withstanding higher levels of radiation than was previously possible making them a viable option for a much larger range of nuclear application. In order to take advantage of the higher resolution colour images provided by a CMOS sensor, more and more nuclear camera manufactures are looking to use them as an alternative to traditional tubes. As a result – Resolve Optics has noted a growing demand for custom non-browning lenses optimised for the large variety of different formats that CMOS sensors are produced in.

Optimized to work with different sensor formats

To fulfil the growing demand from different manufacturers of radiation tolerant, colour CMOS cameras Resolve Optics developed a 10x non-browning zoom lens design to provide better HD colour images for nuclear applications. To date Resolve produced versions of this non-browning lens optimized for ¼-inch, 1/3-inch and 2/3-inch CMOS sensor formats.

The HD zoom lens design uses non-browning glasses, specially selected to produce clear sharp images free of the strong yellow tint that has traditionally been a limiting issue when using non browning lenses on colour sensors. The glass used in these lenses can withstand long-term exposure to radiation up to an accumulative dose of one hundred million rad and temperatures up to 85°C without transmission loss.  All Resolve Optics non-browning lenses provide high image resolution and minimum geometric distortion from 400 to 750nm.