Column Internals MellaCarbon 

For projects with larger diameters

  • Column Internals MellaCarbon 
    Column Internals MellaCarbon 

Sulzer has recently introduced the MellaCarbon column internals which has delivered considerable advantages for corrosive applications. Decades of experience in the design and construction of tailor-made components ensure good column performance for the chemical manufacturing sector. Further developments have been made in tray performance with increased capacity and improved downcomer technology that enhances performance. For Sulzer, also the integration of the latest technology with existing infrastructure is very important. The company offers a service using skid-mounted solutions that minimize costs and disruption on site.

Pumping solutions

Sulzer offers an insight into the latest designs as well as developments in asset management and pump optimization software. One of the latest additions to the product lineup is the heavy duty axial flow, Ensival Moret CAHR pump range which is ideal for applications involving highly corrosive liquids and slurries. Another product will be the OCV range, the latest evolution of the proven API 610 type VS4 pumps that offer reliable performance in demanding applications. In addition to this, Sulzer will also have the OHV pump, the Type OH3 overhung, horizontal, centerline-mounted, single stage pump that is API 610 certified and ideal for use in chemical manufacturing.

Moving from individual pumps to larger pumping installations, it is important to monitor overall performance as well as data from specific assets. Sulzer’s BLUE BOX is a flexible and secure software solution that uses existing operational data combined with Sulzer’s expertise in pump design to analyze pump operation and optimize it in terms of performance, efficiency and reliability. By providing quantitative information, customers can make fact-driven decisions regarding their asset investment and take targeted actions on the right asset at the right time – a true data-to-value process.