Connected Plant Technology Employed in Chinese Petrochemical Plant

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Honeywell UniSim® Operations is a cloud-deployed learning solution that provides an interactive, real-time plant simulation as the foundation for a comprehensive training program to improve operators’ knowledge and skills

Automation & Communication, Maintenance, Explosion Protection & Safety

Connected Plant Technology Employed in Chinese Petrochemical Plant
Connected Plant Technology Employed in Chinese Petrochemical Plant
Connected Plant Technology Employed in Chinese Petrochemical Plant
Connected Plant Technology Employed in Chinese Petrochemical Plant

The petrochemical company Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Company Ltd. will upgrade its operator training simulator (OTS) system to the Honeywell Connected Plant UniSim® Competency Suite. The comprehensive suite includes robust solutions to better train the industrial workforce for safe, incident-free and efficient startups and operations.  

SECCO plans to use part of the suite known as Honeywell Connected Plant UniSim® Operations, which is a cloud-deployed learning solution that enables convenient access to simulation-based operator training. It connects operators across the plant through the cloud, centralizes management and deployment of simulation-based learning, and reduces lifecycle maintenance costs. Built on Honeywell’s proven UniSim lifecycle simulation modelling platform, the UniSim Operations process simulation models can be effectively applied to process design, process engineering, and process optimization activities.  

Honeywell UniSim real-time simulation

“SECCO is the first installed base for UniSim Operations training simulation in China. I am impressed by SECCO’s continuous investment in adopting new technologies that connect plant and people, and by the returns these investments have shown,” said Chen Yan,vice president and general manager of Honeywell Process Solutions, Greater China. “Honeywell will continue to facilitate China's manufacturing transformation by supporting China's leading enterprises with our best-in-class technologies and expertise.”

UniSim Operations provides an interactive, real-time plant simulation as the foundation for a comprehensive training program to improve operators’ knowledge and skills. The solution accelerates knowledge transfer by consolidating an entire lifetime of experience into a concise field and console operator-training curriculum. Operators can safely execute and experience critical production scenarios of routine and abnormal situations in a visual environment. Studies show that practice and experience can result in up to 75 percent improvement in operation knowledge retention compared to other learning methods. 

"It is essential to have plant operators appropriately trained with skills and capabilities to safely handle a plant and swiftly take the necessary action to meet different process situations,” said Chen Juxing, deputy production director of SECCO. “Using Honeywell’s legacy Operator Training Simulator over the past decade enabled continuous production for SECCO. We expect this upgrade to UniSim cloud-based technologies at 10 of our process units to allow us to step up our pace in the era of smart manufacturing and become a pioneer in embracing the Industrial Internet of Things.”

SECCO and Honeywell: Together since 2006

Honeywell has been collaborating with SECCO since 2006. Over the past decade, SECCO has implemented Honeywell Advanced Process Control and real-time optimization from ethylene crackers to downstream chemical units, alarm management system for safety operations, as well as OTS. These connected technologies improve operational performance, safety, and reliability

Honeywell Connected Plant is connecting operational data around processes, assets and people to continually measure and improve optimal performance, making customers’ operations more reliable, profitable and secure than ever before. In addition to UniSim Operations, the UniSim Competency Suite includes: UniSim® Curriculum (customizable competency model), UniSim® Tutor (powerful knowledge capture and propagation tool), UniSim® Field View (interactive, navigable and panoramic view of plant assets), and UniSim® 3D Connect (secure simulator integration and connectivity to a 3D virtual environment).

To learn more, visit UniSim Competency Suite

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