Crane Gantry for Suspension Crane

Modular gantry for installation without ceiling mount

  • Crane Gantry for Suspension Crane
    Crane Gantry for Suspension Crane

As the name suggests, a suspension crane system is mounted on a superstructure. As of now, this no longer has to be an existing building structure. With the KBG crane gantry, J. Schmalz GmbH has designed a modular support system for its SRA aluminium suspension crane system, thus opening up even more application possibilities for individual crane solutions.

Simplified assembly with special screws

Flexibility and availability at short notice were two of the requirements for the development of the KBG. Schmalz therefore also uses the clever modular concept here, which in this case is based on only twelve components. The special feature: All non-positive connections are made with a special screw set. This simplifies assembly and eliminates errors. In addition, Schmalz uses only one profile size for the entire crane gantry, which it delivers directly with the corresponding holes for the screw set. A crane gantry consists of at least two gates and can be extended as required - even at a later date if the production, assembly and logistics layout changes.

The maximum load is 500 kilograms. And independent strength calculations of all load-bearing components according to the finite element method prove that the system assembled later delivers as promised. The entire system is designed according to DIN EN 13001, achieves stiffness class HC3 and S class S3.