Dispensing connector

for drums and IBC totes

  • Dispensing connector
    Dispensing connector

The DrumQuik® PRO system from Colder Products Company provides safe, easy and economical extraction of chemicals from drums, jerricans and IBC "totes"-while reducing spills, containing hazardous fumes and enhancing workplace safety.

The closed-system design combines a bung plug and dip tube that can be shipped as part of a UN/DOT approved package or installed on site. The dispense head easily connects when ready to dispense, ensuring that the container and pumping system are sealed from point-of-fill to point-of-use. The coupler design allows venting while also preventing release of harmful vapors. For oxygen-sensitive liquids, a blanket gas line, e.g., nitrogen, can be connected.

The drum insert and dip-tube can be recycled with the container for easy disposal, and the dispense head coupler can be reused many times. All materials are FDA-compliant. Connector options are available for virtually any chemical used in industries including automotive, AdBlue/DEF, agricultural, fragrances/flavorings, paints/coatings, pharmaceutical, laundry/sanitation, water treatment and high purity applications.