Distance sensor

for level measurement

  • Distance sensor
    Distance sensor

System operators need to be informed about the level of their silos for resource management. The fill level of many different materials, such as plastic pellets, sand and gravel, road salt etc. need to be detected.

Thanks to innovative laser technology, the EDS-C distance sensor measures reliably on a variety of materials. The laser measures with millimeter precision independent of color and material. This means, that the laser distance sensor will measure reliably on white or colored plastic granulate, as well as on dry or wet gravel.

Level measurements of distances up to 30m are possible. The current feed works via a 5-pin M12 sensor plug. A scalable analog output is provided for the data output. It measures, maintenance-free, distances on natural surfaces, with a precision of 3mm. The compact assembly permits space-saving installations. The sensor consists of a rugged, IP65 standard, aluminium case and can be operated at -10 to 50°C ambient temperatures.